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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
We are a team of skilled, professional translators, writers and editors who specialize in English and Chinese documents. We have strong medical, technological and legal backgrounds, and have lived and worked in China and the United States.

Where are you located?
Our office is located across the street from SeaTac International Airport in Seattle, Washington in the United States. We are willing to travel to other sites to meet clients.

What do you do?
Our primary work involves translating documents from Chinese to English, and from English to Chinese. We are also available for translating meetings and business transactions in the Seattle area, and are prepared to travel overseas to facilitate client meetings and negotiations. 

Can we trust you?
As well-educated native speakers of both English and Chinese, we guarantee that our translated documents will be both grammatically correct and professionally written to native-speaker standards so that your clients and customers will be comfortable doing business with you.

What’s your educational background?
Our translators and editors are college graduates holding advanced degrees in journalism, law, finance, and nursing from respected US, European and Chinese universities. 

How much publishing experience do you have?
We have edited magazines, books and internet publications in the United States and throughout Asia for well over two decades. We are the authors of numerous books published by large American publishing houses including Random House, Macmillan, and Wiley and Sons.

How much do you charge?
Our rates are competitive, and can be negotiated by project, or at an hourly or per-word rate. We charge slightly higher rates for rush projects.

How long does translation take?
Brief documents can be translated in an hour or less. Longer projects are turned around fairly quickly, but of course require additional time.

What kind of translating do you do?
Currently, we undertake Chinese/English translation projects, and English- and Chinese-language editing projects. We have access to native speakers of many other languages, however, and will work with clients who have translation needs in additional languages to facilitate their multi-language projects.

What dialects do you translate?
We are native speakers of Mandarin and Sichuanese. We translate to or from Simplified, Traditional, or Pinyin of any Chinese dialect.

We are also native speakers of American English, but lived, worked and trained in Hong Kong and are happy to edit to standard British English.

May I see samples of your translation?
Click the flag buttons at the bottom right to see a translation of this or any other page on this site.

Are these questions really frequently asked?
Not since we posted this page! And thank you for stopping by.
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